Whose life is precious

A disturbing trend is noticed in News media since last two days.

Veteran bollywood actress of movie Sholay & an elected MP, Hema Malini met with accident and was reportedly injured. The pictures available reflect injury marks on face. As per news vehicle involved was Mercedes which housed actress and other occupants and it collided with other vehicle.

Point to note, media has covered only news related to actress and is relatively silent about the injuries due to accident to occupants of other car.

The occupants of other car included 5 year old girl child who has now succumbed to injury.

No wonder parents are angry


The above facts narrated in brief reflect biased view about women. Just because actress and MP is involved, due care was not provided on time to girl child.

Roots of this mentality is due to feminist mindset currently prevalent. Which does not give due attention to children.

Actress was admitted to Fortis Hospital while others were admitted to Dausa Govt Hospital. Why such discrimination, had the child been admitted to Fortis, she might have been saved. This brings to moot Question


Biased view is a double edged sword which will bring downfall of society

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