Life Devasted

Things that comes to mind after reading the headline

1) So sad, that person had to undergo hardship for 7 years
2) Law needs to be changed to protect innocents
3) Why did this happen

If your answer is one of the above, then you are part of herd mentality. Which does not care about happenings in society.

Story in short

Gopal was picked by police and arrested coz female sleeping on platform at Railway Station complained that she was raped by Gopi.
Note the names are different.
Police picked Gopal as his name was resembling Gopi. No reason whatsoever was provided for detention.
Chargesheet was submitted and in matter of 10 months, Gopal is convicted and sentenced to 7 years Imprisonment. Isn’t this strange?
Gopal appealed in Mumbai High Court challenging Lower Court order, High court acquitted him of all counts.


1) His wife remarried
2) His daughters are at Orphanage
3) His Father expired
4) Mother left for Native place
5) Gopal got TB during imprisonment
6) Lost his job as a Chef in a fine dining restaurant (note he is qualified Hotel Management Graduate)
7) Most importantly 4 FAMILIES HAVE BEEN DESTROYED (His Wife’s, Daughters and his own)

Gopal is currently on Hunger Strike at Azad Maidan, Mumbai. His demand is to meet Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and present his case.

The effects are more disastrous then what NAKED EYE CAN SEE


1) Gopal can no longer live with Dignity
2) His father expired as there was no one to take care of him in his old age
3) His mother was forced to go to native place as there is no source of income for her
4) His Wife remarried to ensure that at least she is able live.
5) His daughters were sent to orphanage, God knows they did not deserve that. At least their mother should have taken care of them

The root cause of above is due to Misandry (Male Hatred) present in society perpetrated by misguided feminists under false grab of women empowerment.

Had there been a Men’s Ministry this could have been avoided. As he could have approached them and got acquittal earlier. This could have saved life of his Father, His family would still be intact.

Members of Vaastav Foundation met him on 12th July 2015 at Azad Maidan & apprised him of options available to him.

Participate in below Poll if you feel that you want to bring change for betterment of society

7 thoughts on “Life Devasted

  1. This is morbid! How can this happen to the innocent people. I believe society’s view towards Men must change now. Also, the wrong doing of the system which worked together to destroy innocent person’s life is dangerous. The Government should do anything to make this man strong and live rest of his life with honour.

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  2. Laws are made for safe guarding men from crime, false accusation, any injustice and such that humanity is respected. How come government, law makers, law executers, judge, police do such heinous crime on man and ruin his whole life. This is unforgivable. Give this man back his life, respect. Their are many who are victims of false cases and acquittal is not a solution after years of court and judicial custody.

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