Legal Benefits of Itch Guard


Slightly tricky right. But one would be amazed to find that both are correlated to considerable extent.

Legal system in India promotes Misandry and reduces Men status to that of third class citizen. Laws have been created only to benefit scrupulous women and their ilk. Eg 498a, DV Act, Section 406, 323, 376 & 377, POCSO, Rape Law, Sexual Harassment at Workplace etc. The list is endless. There are many forums which provide more details.

Laws and procedures are such in country that even attending to necessary physical needs will invite arrest and penalty.

Eg : due to excessive heat and hazardous working conditions, Jobs involving menial work like, Coolies, Helpers, Auto Rickshaw and Taxi Drivers, Loaders etc will eventually reach out to scratch. Which is interpreted by misguided feminists as sexual in nature. The same instance would also be done by females if they are working such professions.

Society in general needs to get out of negative mindset towards men. Failure to realise this would mean degeneration of society. Everyone would always be suspicious of everyone else, and it would hamper the interpersonal skills required for harmony in society.

That’s where everyone needs to contribute and be considerate towards that noble person who is making sure that one reaches their destination safely and on time, is ensuring that he takes heavy load of carrying goods etc, irrespective of the working conditions.

Does Itch Guard play a role here ?
My answer is definitely yes.

Need of the hour is to stop making mountain out of a molehill. The world would be a much better place to live and less to worry about.

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